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Workshop: Services
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Repair Service


From a break in your favourite chain, to a full restoration of the cherished ring your Nan left you, every repair is undertaken with the same care, love and attention to detail to ensure you get the best service possible and can enjoy wearing your jewellery again safely!

See the full list of repairs below.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a quote, and I'll get back to you - easy peasy!

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Advice & Appraisals


The jewellery world is a bit of a minefield and its difficult to know what information to really pay attention to...

I'm here to offer you guidance or advice, whether it be something super simple like how to clean your jewellery, to more complex and niche areas like understanding diamond grading or how to go about getting your jewellery valued.

Let's eliminate that confusion and get you on your way to making better informed jewellery choices!

Ping me a message in the Chat box, or fill in our contact form.

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Repairs List

Ring Sizing - From £30

Jewellery Cleaning - From £20

Chain & Bracelet Repairs - From £20

Stone Tightening - From £40

Stone Setting - From £40

Stone Replacement - From £60

Re-clawing - From £40

Rebuilding - From £80

Rhodium Plating - From £30

Engraving - From £30

Shank Replacement - From £120

Restorative Work - To Quote


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Get A Quote

Let me know in as much detail as possible, what you would like repairing, appraising or sizing and I will get back to you! If you have photos, pop them in an email to or send them to me on Instagram @aprildacejewellery.

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