Molten Silver Cluster Pendant & 16-18" Trace Chain

This pendant was made by melting sterling silver into beads. The metal glows red hot, and as it cools it leaves a memory of this process in the form of its own unique pips, dinks and impressions from the charcoal used to heat it on. The polished finish highlights the perfect little imperfections unique to each bead.

No two are ever the same; their form is determined by the process in which they are made, which makes these pendants extra special.

Approximately 12.5mm wide

Choose a 16", 18", 20" or 22" trace chain with bolt ring fastening.

The pendant is fixed by a loop on the back that runs freely along the chain.


The Molten collection explores going back to the basics of jewellery making in the form of metal manipulation.
Gold, silver and gemstones have adorned us for thousands of years and as technology is evolving rapidly around us and fashions are forever changing, I found myself wanting to keep things simple and celebrate these materials in a more natural and organic way by using more primitive tools and processes such as a flame and hammer.
Molten is the state in which metal goes to when heated at extremely high temperatures. It acquires an almost liquid-like form which cools rapidly when the heat is taken away. All the designs in the molten collection are a reflection of this initial process, bringing the metal back to its rawer form.


All my designs arrive in a box ready to gift if you wish.

Care instructions are given so you know exactly how to look after your new piece of precious jewellery.


If you can't see exactly what you're after, drop me a message and I can work out a quote or discuss ideas.


Any questions, let me know! I'm here to help! A x

Silver Molten Cluster Pendant & Chain Necklace

Chain Length

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