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Meet My Assistant

Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce you all to my workshop dog, and ever so glamourous assistant... Blue the Frenchie!

Her main roles are...

- Keeping an eye on tea breaks and lunchtimes- she is never far away when the snacks come out.

- Getting me out for fresh air - she’s always got my back, making sure I’m not overworking myself 🥰

- Colleague goss... between naps, Blue and I like to have a little chat. It’s quite one-sided but she’s a good listener.

Blue’s day mainly consists of eating breakfast, then its a nap/play cycle for the rest of the day. She has her ”workshop bed” next to the radiator, and when she’s not playing or fulfilling her daily job roles, she’s mostly napping in it... working at ADJ can be pretty exhausting for a Frenchie.

Her favourite toy is her pink rubber squeaky snake, followed by a close second; “Ducky” who still has his squeak but is unfortunately as flat as a pancake. She loves him all the same.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my little companion a little bit better! She said she’s happy to pose for photos anytime and has given me consent to film her whenever she might be doing something entertaining... so I can share the puppy love with you and brighten your days if you need a pick me up!

Follow me on Instagram @aprildacejewellery to get daily pupdates and see how Blue’s getting on in her role at ADJ!

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