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Meet April: The Heart Behind April Dace Jewellery

Welcome to My World!

Hi, I'm April! For almost five years, I've been the proud owner and creative force behind April Dace Jewellery. As the face behind the brand, I’m not just the business owner but also the designer, maker, and customer service extraordinaire. Every piece of jewellery you see, every enquiry you send, comes directly through me.

A Bit About My Journey

While I'll share more details about my story soon, here's a little glimpse into my life…

I'm a 30-something creative living in Norfolk with my little family and I LOVE jewellery! I've always loved working with my hands and the challenge of thinking outside the box. With a degree in Jewellery Design under my belt, I gained invaluable experience working in various jewellery workshops since. Eventually, I decided to set up my own business, April Dace Jewellery, and I haven't looked back since! I thrive on working on personal jewellery commissions, redesigning pieces, and discovering my passion for connecting with people.

Balancing Business and Family

Life is a beautiful, chaotic blend of responsibilities and passions. Alongside running my jewellery business, I’m a devoted Mum to my 2.5-year-old twins, Beatrix and Skylar, and a loving dog Mum to Blue, our adorable French Bulldog.

My Passions and Pleasures

I thrive in the outdoors when the sun is shining, but when it's not, you’ll find me wrapped up in a cozy blanket with Blue. One of my greatest joys is motorcycling—there's nothing like the thrill of the open road. Fellow lady bikers, feel free to reach out!

I have a few simple pleasures that keep me going: I can’t live without coffee, cheese, and chocolate. They are my little everyday treats.

Say Hello!

I’m super friendly and always excited to connect with new people. If you want to hear more about my journey and the stories behind my creations, sign up for my newsletter in the footer section of my website. Let’s stay connected!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support means the world to me!

Much love,

April x

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